[Shorewall-users] Re: Port redirection on standalone pc to pop3 proxy AV scanner

Paul Koufalas paul.koufalas at senet.com.au
Mon Jul 4 05:39:42 PDT 2005

G'day Cristian and Paul (and everyone else),

I just wanted to close this thread off. I now have p3scan working with 
shorewall and clamav on my standalone linux laptop. I originally had in 
my /etc/shorewall/rules

DNAT net fw: tcp pop3

(or equivalently, REDIRECT net 8110 tcp pop3) but what I actually needed 
to have was

REDIRECT fw 8110 tcp pop3 - - - !clamav

I'm running the p3scan daemon as user clamav, and have changed uid/guid 
on /var/spool/p3scan and /var/run/p3scan frrom p3scan to clamav--as user 
p3scan I was getting permission denied when calling clamdscan. So

shorewall + clamav + p3scan

is a working configuration. Clamav + p3scan must be popular as config 
parameters are given in the ClamAV FAQ. Though p3scan also supports 
spamassassin, I'm happy enough with Thunderbird's spam filter.

Thanks again for your help.


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