[Shorewall-users] just checking if you have seen this before Tom.

Sean Mathews mathewss at corp.nutech.com
Sat Sep 11 12:46:13 PDT 2004

 Been trying to track down an issue where when I issue a restart on
shorewall it stalls for maybe 5 minutes. I have tracked it down to the
removing of the rules portion but have not been able to get any closer

Some place after "strip_file rules" and echo "Deleting user chains..."

It seems to fix itself after a reboot of the system for an unknown time
then it resurfaces again. Probably related to the kernel or something on
the box it self but I figured I would run it by you and see if you have
heard of anything like this before.

I have added a bunch of extra echo's in the script to track it down
closer next time it happens.

 Sean Mathews

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