[Shorewall-users] Traffic Priority by IP address..

Terry Gilsenan terry.gilsenan at interoil.com
Wed Sep 8 15:27:24 PDT 2004

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> Hi,
> I have a PC that acts as a VoIP gateway using an internet 
> telephony provider to make phone calls.. Data between me and 
> the provider will always be from one IP address on my 
> internal network to the provider..
> I have a 1Mbps/256Kbps ADSL line and the voice stream is 
> highly compressed requireing only 30Kbps of bandwidth..
> The problem is that when my Mozilla Mail client polls for 
> mail or someone else on the network (only 3 PC's) opens a web 
> page it causes the voice to stutter similar to a bad cell 
> phone signal if the page is loaded with graphics it makes the 
> stutter worse which can be quite irritating..
> I currently use Shorewall on my co-located web server and 
> like it a lot but have been using Smoothwall in the office 
> (just because it was already there and we didn't have any 
> problems with it) and am thinking about changing that to 
> Shorewall as well..
> Would there be any feature of Shorewall that would make it 
> possible to prioritise ALL traffic from the Voice gateway IP 
> address to and from the provider IP address and so minimise 
> the breakup when somone else does something? or is this a 
> more complicated thing to do?
> Thanks..


I have 2mb/1mb Vsat, and I use shorewall in an xbox(hacked) as the firewall

I have this setup myself, and I have used wondershaper to shape the

It is absolutely fantastic and dovetails into the scripts with shorewall


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