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Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Sat Sep 4 17:58:13 PDT 2004

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Nicolás Echániz wrote:

| I kept googling for info till I found this page (in Spanish)
| http://www.aconcagua.cl/wordpress/
| The guy had been trying to do something similar to what I'm doing for a
| while without success, till he found out that Bering and Bering-uClib
| don't load the ipt_physdev module by default, and don't have them on the
| boot disk image.
| He installed and loaded the module, and it worked.
| So I did the same thing, looked for the module inside the modules file
| Bering-uClibc_2.2.0_modules_2.4.26.tar.gz.
| Found it at /2.4.26/kernel/net/ipv4/netfilter/
| I added to /etc/modules the line ipt_phys, rebooted and it worked like a
| charm.
| Well. I hope this helps other guys with the same problem.
| Tom, maybe you could add a note to your http://shorewall.net/bridge.html
| document warning Bering and Bering-uclib users about this issue.

I've added what I hope is enough to help Bering* users -- see

| I'm writing a howto for other fellows in my community network.  It will
| be available at: http://wiki.buenosaireslibre.org/HowTos_2fBridgedFirewall
| It's in spanish but if you think it would be helpful if I wrote an
| english version as well, I will.

I am always happy to link to well-written and accurate articles.

| Thanks for your help and for developing Shorewall, it's a great product.

You are welcome and thank you for offering to contribute.

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