[Shorewall-users] Dosemu and shorewall.

nl1cat nl1cat at wanadoo.nl
Sat Sep 4 04:09:17 PDT 2004

I have a somewhat "funny" setup.
I use the dosemulator Dosemu for running a dos based packetradio nodeprogram
called Xrouter.
I setup dosemu to use my eth1 (lan) nic and i bring up a device called dsn0.
(this is all running on Slackware 9.1 without X)
insmod /etc/dosemu/dosnet.o
sleep 2
ifconfig dsn0 netmask
route add -host dsn0
dosemu < /dev/tty8 >/dev/tty8 &

The lan is a different net
Eth0 is set by pppoe and gets ppp0.

The question is how to treat dsn0 and the dos client (
On the lan the stuff works and i can "talk" to an other Xrouter ok , but i
cant seem to get packets onto and from the inet.
Do i need to set dsn0 under te hosts file?
I have the dsn0 net configured like a normal interface and
tried to forward to the dosclient to the dsn0zone (pack)
DNAT     net    pack:    udp    93
but nothing is gettin trough..
Can someone point in the right direction??

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