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Stijn Jonker SJCJonker at SJC.nl
Thu Oct 7 23:00:20 PDT 2004

Hello Ligiu,

First of all, my knowledge of ISA is very limited, so I don't know what 
it's refering to with those alerts..

Ligiu A. Uiorean said the following on 08-Oct-04 7:50:

> With shorewall acting as a front firewall and M$ ISA Server 2004 acting
> as a back firewall. I turned all 'intrusion alerts'
> On at the ISA server expecting not to get any since shorewall should
> block everything.

> Now to the problem:

> I am getting quite a few alerts on the ISA server, regarding possible
> intrusion alerts mainly port scan attempts and half scan attempts (as ISA names them) by public IP addresses. 
> Any idea how this could happen? How can packets get thru shorewall?
Probally because you allowed them.... OR because the radiation being 
transmitted by the sun is so intense that shorewall can't filter correctly.

But now honestly, you don't mention anything in regards to your 
configuration, rules etc. How are we suposed to help you?
Please see the url below on how to provide info so ppl can help you.

Met Vriendelijke groet/Yours Sincerely
Stijn Jonker <SJCJonker at sjc.nl>

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