[Shorewall-users] To upgrade?

Robert K Coffman Jr - Info From Data Corporation bcoffman at infofromdata.com
Wed Mar 24 13:19:47 PST 2004

You are probably just fine with your current configuration, if it was set up

- Bob Coffman

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Ive been using Shorewall for my small business LAN for about 1.5 years
now. I haven't upgraded in that time as.. well.. everything has worked
just fine (AFAIK). I read the postings to this list and see that a major
version release is now available. It makes me wonder whether I should
rev my installation.

Suggestions? Am I kidding myself in believing that Im secure with my
(now) dated installation?

Ok. (he says while strapping on his flame retardent suit).. Im ready..
bring it on.. tell me what a moron I am.
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