[Shorewall-users] RV: cannot view internal webs

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Wed Mar 24 07:05:21 PST 2004

Javier Pardo wrote:
> Yes, I have tried it but don't work.


We're going to need more information than 'don't work' if you want our help.

a) What zone is the local web server in?
b) From the firewall, when resolving the DNS name for this server is the 
firewall's external interface IP address returned or is it the local IP 
address of the server?
c) From the set of rules and policies you sent, it is very unclear to me 
how external clients can view your web site since I see no way for 
connections to port 80 to be allowed from the net zone. Is your web 
server listening on port 3000?

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