[Shorewall-users] Vpn Ipsec nat

Nicola Murino n.murino at itia.cnr.it
Tue Mar 23 09:38:59 PST 2004


I'll try openvpn


 > I can second that. Busted my chops with ipsec on and off for a few months
 > with no success, then after switching to openvpn, I had it configured and
 > running in no time.
I second the notion that OpenVPN is a better solution for Linux<->Linux
VPN. Furthermore, the 2.6 Kernel's implementation of IPSEC is currently
broken with respect to Netfilter/iptables. Even when the implementation
is fixed, it will still be awkward to firewall IPSEC because of the
elimination of the 'ipsecN' devices.
So unless there is a need for IPSEC for compatibility, I would avoid it.
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