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Jeffrey J. Karrels jkarrels at san.osd.mil
Mon Mar 22 15:31:46 PST 2004

Sorry I should have explained that a little more detail oriented. Here
was my process.

1.make deps on kernel
3.compile/install kernel
4.boot into kernel
5.compile iptables
6.install/config shorewall

I will check the location/path of iptables tomorrow when I get back on
the system.


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Tom Eastep wrote:
> Jeffrey Karrels wrote:
>> I did a fresh recompile of both the kernel and iptables-1.2.9.  Then
>> installed Shorewall_2.0.0a from source.  There is something that I am
>> missing!  The H323 patch im installing is from the patch-o-matic.  
>> That is
>> the only thing that I patch from patch-o-matic.  Could there be
>> from pom that im not patching that I should be?
> You must compile iptables *AFTER* you run Patch-o-Matic

Also beware that if you accept the defaults, your new iptables will be 
unstalled in /usr/local/sbin -- your PATH needs to be updated to look 
there before /sbin if your current iptables binary is /sbin/iptables (or

you can do as I do and rename /sbin/iptables).

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