[Shorewall-users] Multi Homed IP

Franck BAREL fbarel at nasinter.net
Wed Mar 17 00:37:35 PST 2004

You must use :
DNAT	public	private:	tcp	80	-	123.456.789.1
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I am running a Mandrake 9.2 Linux Router using
the Shorewall 1.4.9 (IPTABLES) and configured with Webmin 1.121.

The Router has several external (public) Ips, configured as virtual NICs on
Eth1 (outgoing) interface and every single one of them is reachable
Form in and outside.
The Router is masquerading an class C subnet /
And has the internal IP

Now here is the Problem:
Lets say i have the external adresses 123.456.789.1 and 123.456.789.2
And i would like to make a Port forwarding depending on the given IP.
Both Ips do have a DNS entry so i want the router to
Forward packets coming on 123.456.789.1:80 to and
Packets to 123.456.789.2:80 to
I didn´t manage that so far an i couldn´t find any Howtos or ManPage to that
So far.
Anyone any Ideas where to look or how it works ?

Any help would be appreciated


Carsten Hedwig

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