[Shorewall-users] Setup Shorewall with no hard drive?

Pieter Ennes maillinglist at spam.ennes.nl
Tue Mar 9 08:50:21 PST 2004

Pieterjan Heyse wrote:

> Do you have any idea how long the compactflash disks last ? I read
> about 100K write cycles. Is this true/ what are your experiences on
> the CF disks ? Are they fast enough ?

Actually, i haven't bothered with the maximum amount of writes a flash 
card can handle, mainly because a second firewall is there as a backup. 
It is interesting to know nevertheless...

You won't be amazed by the throughput of a compact flash card, but you 
will be of the overall speed. Stuff like 'find / | grep bla' runs in a 
second or so; random access is really performing great.

> I am so interested because we are making a WLAN between schools and I
> want the hardware to be quite solid.

We haven't got any problems at all so far, but might be hitting that 
100k write limit some day :)

  - Pieter

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