[Shorewall-users] Feature request for shorewall.lrp

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Wed Mar 3 16:00:52 PST 2004

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 02:55 pm, Etienne Charlier wrote:
> Hi, Tom
> Seeing that you're about to release a new version of shorewall, I KINDLY
> request from you a very small feature:
> In order to separate the customized configuration, would it be possible to
> modify line 67 of
> /etc/init.d/shorewall to add something like -c /usr/local/shorewall
> That could allow the users to store our customized configuration files out
> of the shorewall package.
> It would then be a lot easier to upgrade to newer version of shorewall :
> just drop the new lrp then check the release notes and compare the new
> "vanilla" configuration files and the customized ones on the bering machine
> itself.
> Thanks in advance and congratulation for your wonderfull work on shorewall
> !!!

Merci Etienne.

Another thing that we could do is just place all of the config files in 

Steve (and other Leaf users) -- any opinions.

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