[Shorewall-users] setting up a lan based game

Rick Seitz rwalseitz at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 17 18:03:00 PDT 2004

Tom Eastep wrote:

> Rick Seitz wrote:
>> does anyone know the rule that I need to set to allow a lan based 
>> game to access the lan. I am new to networking underlinux and still 
>> learning.
>> I am using shorewall 2.X
>> the game is amegatron
>> it used port 4534
> Your question doesn't make complete sense as asked. Is it that you 
> have this game (amegatron) that you want to play among your local 
> computers *including the firewall*?
> Also, by itself "port 4534" doesn't tell the whole story; we also need 
> to know the protocol. Given that a game is involved, I'll assume UDP.
> If the answer to the first question is "Yes", and if my assumption 
> about the protocol is correct, and if you have named your zones using 
> the normal convention then I believe you need:
> ACCEPT    fw    loc    udp    4534
> ACCEPT    loc    fw    udp    4534
> -Tom

ok i think that is where I am lost, i thought the same thing and if I 
turn off shorewall the games runs, if I turn it on it doens find the 
LAN. I have tried both udp and tcp. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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