[Shorewall-users] Preventing HTTPS connections

tqbfjotld tqbfjotld at free.fr
Fri May 30 08:18:09 PDT 2003


I am using Shorewall version 1.4.14 on a Mandrake 9.1 box.
I use Apache 2.0 and I configured shorewall with One Interface 
configuration over
a DSL connection.

I want to prevent people from connecting to 443 port or ignore it.

I added the following rule in /etc/shorewall/rules to ignore connection 
on port 443.

DROP            net     fw      tcp     https

Then I restarted shorewall with shorewall restart.

(According to nmap, port 443/tcp is open on my box.)

When I connect to https://mybox, I can access to the page stored in 
Apache althrough
I thought shorewall would prevent from it.

What am I doing wrong ?

Can anyone help ?


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