[Shorewall-users] Multiple web servers in DMZ

aleksey zakharov aleksey_shorewall at yahoo.com
Thu May 29 12:53:19 PDT 2003

Hello dear shorewall users,

Here is my scenario. I have a firewall with 3 nics, eth0 external, eth1 internal and eth2 DMZ.





WAN=========>eth0 |______| eth1 ===========>LAN(


                                     eth2== DMZ(



Currently there is one web server located in DMZ and from outside it's being resolved to mydomainname.com => I'm planning to setup another web server in DMZ. I do have 5 static IP's that I can use. How should I reconfigure the forwarding to port 80 so that the web servers are able to distinguish the requests?  


Thanks in advance.


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