[Shorewall-users] multiple subnets

Nerijus Baliunas nerijus at users.sourceforge.net
Tue May 6 20:00:48 PDT 2003


I have the following working situation (shorewall 1.4.2).

eth0	inet addr:  Bcast:
eth1	inet addr:  Bcast:
eth2	inet addr:  Bcast:
ppp0	...

mail    eth2
dsl     ppp0    detect
loc    eth0
dmz     eth1

loc             dmz             ACCEPT

PCs in loc zone can access services in dmz.

Now 3 new subnets - 59.0/24 (radio lan) were connected
to the loc lan through, which is configured to route to

According to
http://www.shorewall.net/Shorewall_and_Aliased_Interfaces.html I changed
interfaces to:
-   eth0,,,

and hosts to:
loc     eth0:
loc     eth0:
loc     eth0:
loc     eth0:

Also entered such commands at the firewall console:
route add -net dev eth0 gateway
route add -net dev eth0 gateway
route add -net dev eth0 gateway

The problem is that PCs from radio link ( for example) can
ping the firewall, but cannot access dmz. What could be a problem?
I can provide radio lan connection details.


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