[Shorewall-users] Snapshot 1.4.6_20030727

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Sun Jul 27 19:01:56 PDT 2003


Problems Corrected since version 1.4.6:
1) Corrected problem in 1.4.6 where the MANGLE_ENABLED variable was
   being tested before it was set.
2) Corrected handling of MAC addresses in the SOURCE column of the
   tcrules file. Previously, these addresses resulted in an invalid
   iptables command.
Migration Issues:
1) Once you have installed this version of Shorewall, you must
   restart Shorewall before you may use the 'drop', 'reject', 'allow'
   or 'save' commands.
2) To maintain strict compatibility with previous versions, current
   uses of "shorewall drop" and "shorewall reject" should be replaced
   with "shorewall dropall" and "shorewall rejectall".
New Features:
1) Shorewall now creates a dynamic blacklisting chain for each interface
   defined in /etc/shorewall/interfaces. The 'drop' and 'reject'
   commands use the routing table to determine which of these chains is
   to be used for blacklisting the specified IP address(es).
   Two new commands ('dropall' and 'rejectall') have been introduced
   that do what 'drop' and 'reject' used to do; namely, when an address
   is blacklisted using these new commands, it will be blacklisted on
   all of your firewall's interfaces.
2) Thanks to Steve Herber, the help command can now give
   command-specific help.

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