[Shorewall-users] Shell Requirements for Shorewall 1.4.6

Peter Lindeman peter at lindeman.nl
Wed Jul 2 00:16:43 PDT 2003

Tom Eastep wrote:

> The 1.4.6 version of Shorewall makes additional demands on the shell. I
> have found that both the RH9.0 version of ash and the version of ash
> that has long been available from the Shorewall download sites are *not*
> suitable for use with Shorewall 1.4.6. The LEAF Bering version of ash on
> the other hand works fine. 
> Attached is a small shell program that will allow you to test your shell
> for compability with 1.4.6.
> a) Save the attachment.
> b) cd <directory where you saved shellcheck.sh>
> c) chmod +x shellcheck.sh
> d) ./shellcheck.sh

Looks good in Mandrake 9.0


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