[Shorewall-users] Goofy Log Entrys

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Mon Dec 29 19:39:05 PST 2003

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Francesca C. Smith wrote:

> Hiya,
> I don't usually post here cause well I use Shorewall a lot and well this
> log entry has me confused ...
> This is a single interface webserver in a datacenter .. Every single web
> site can be browsed no issue being hosted on this machine.
> But every once in a while I get these .. I do a lookup of the source IP
> and get nothing back .. Its strange ..
> Dec 29 20:57:31 cp kernel: Shorewall:logdrop:DROP:IN=eth0 OUT=
> MAC=00:c0:9f:21:02:9c:00:e0:52:0a:e7:02:08:00 SRC=
> DST= LEN=48 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=109 ID=23522 DF PROTO=TCP
> SPT=18225 DPT=80 WINDOW=8192 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
> Or Am I The Strange One .. ??? Or Most Likely ... Both Of Us ???
> 1.4.8 With Brown Paper Sack Award Patches Applied .. (Sorry Tom) Cant
> Help MySelf .. Since I Know I Will Be Wearing That Sack When Someone
> Points Out The Error Of My Ways ...  :-)

I would start by noting the recent thread about the urgent need for an
update to the rfc1918 file....

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