[Shorewall-users] Services

g g at kinge.us
Fri Dec 26 20:26:07 PST 2003

I love the shorewall. I use it with Mandrake 9.2  I used the 2-network card download version and used the associated files that go with it. I was able to get the port forwarding issue resolved but unfortunatly, lost all of the other servies like port 80, 21 etc. I see that you have the DNS port available, but is there a way to have the port forwarding issue (for my pptp VPN) resolved while still having the ability to allow chosen ports through? 

I realize that it will take time and I will pay a technician to resolve the problem for the ability to have the default shorwall program that goes with Mandrake 9.2 (with the masq settings) able to port forward and provide the pptp VPN, while running all of the chosen ports through. 

Thanks, George A. Gill 
        George at GeorgeGill.com

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