[Shorewall-users] ip_conntrack_pptp included in LEAF Bering 2.4.20 kernel

John K. Hohm jhohm at acm.org
Mon Dec 22 21:17:17 PST 2003

Preface: Thanks to everyone who contributes to Shorewall, it rocks!

The VPN page at http://www.shorewall.net/VPN.htm says that multiple RFC 
1918-addressed clients cannot use PPTP through a firewall without a 
patch from the Patch-o-matic.  It may be worth pointing out that as of 
LEAF Bering 1.2, the included 2.4.20 kernel contains the required patch, 
and the ip_conntrack_proto_gre.o and ip_conntrack_pptp.o modules are 
available in the Bering 1.2 modules tarball.  This might have saved me a 
lot of downloading tonight. :-)

John K. Hohm
<jhohm at acm.org>

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