[Shorewall-users] linux not accessible through VPN

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Well, I don't think it's multiple zones, is it, at least not in the way specified on the page(192.168.x.? and 192.168.x+1.?), because to the linux machine, this should just appear as another local machine pinging it, right?  I don't need the linux machine to be able to access the other machines through the vpn, only the linux machine to be accessible itself through the vpn, if that makes sense.

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On Tuesday 16 December 2003 11:22 pm, mrmailer wrote:<br>> Here is my situation...<br>><br>> Linux eth0->internet<br>> Linux eth1->hub->vpn router<br>><br>> other machines are also connected to this hub.  Other machines can ping and<br>> be pinged by this linux machine(and share files through samba).<br>><br>> However, machines on the other side of the vpn can communicate with these<br>> local machines(win2k machines), but cannot ping or communicate with the<br>> linux machine.<br>><br>> I have the feeling this my be due to shorewall.  Here is my rules file.<br>> Any ideas?<br><br>Please see http://www.shorewall.net/Multiple_Zones.html<br><br>-Tom<br>-- <br>Tom Eastep    \ Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool<br>Shoreline,     \ http://shorewall.net<br>Washington USA  \ teastep at shorewall.net<br><br><br>

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