[Shorewall-users] Way OT: MSS/MTU question.

chris ck2 at softhome.net
Tue Dec 16 18:10:15 PST 2003

What do your values state Chris from doing a "netstat -rn" or a "route
-nee" ? Just out of curiousity.

I'm showin an MSS of 0 for both cases.  Haven't verified this with 
Ethereal yet tho....that will be interesting to see.

If packets indicate proper MSS values then yes, must be a buggy 
reporting issue of some kind.  If it's actually a bug in the kernel 
routing TABLE, then wouldn't the routing table values be used to 
generate the packets?  I've never thought this deeply into it, but it 
leaves me wondering if the routing table is populated irregardless of 
the actual field values used for packet generation.
It seems hard to believe that values during handshaking would be 
calculated by the protocols and then incorrectly placed into the table.

...time to pull out some books ;)


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