[Shorewall-users] Two-interface setup confirmation

Paul Trevethan elist at pacific.net.au
Tue Dec 16 19:40:13 PST 2003

I am currently using Suse v9.0 with Susefirewall2 as my firewall on a 3
machine network. I want to move to Shorewall as the firewall. I just want
to be sure that I use the right template when I set up the config files.
Here is my hardware setup:

Dlink 302G dsl modem
primary Linux box where Shorewall will reside
etho to modem, eth1 to switch
4 port switch
2nd machine running WinME & 
Linux laptop

I use only the Linux box for internet. The Windows machine is games and
some file archiving, the laptop gets work files from the network
(Linux box) when going offsite.

The Linux box operates pretty much like a stand-alone machine, but is the
centre of my internal network on occasion, if that makes sense.

The 3 boxes have fixed ip addresses in 192.168.100.x range and the modem
has ip address (web browser maintained). I get my ISP ip address
allocation by dhcp when the modem connects (210.23.x.x). 

Am I correct in naming the parts as below for Shorewall purposes:

net = modem/internet
fw = Linux box
local = Windows machine & laptop.
and I should start my config with two-interface template?

Guidance appreciated,

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