[Shorewall-users] Shorewall, rp-pppoe & big transfers

Dominique Archambault apox at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 13 12:28:57 PST 2003

>> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppoe[11017]: Session 437 terminated --
received PADT
>> from peer
>> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppoe[11017]: Sent PADT
>> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppd[10919]: Modem hangup
>> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppd[10919]: Connection terminated.
>> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppd[10919]: Connect time 15.0 minutes.
>> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppd[10919]: Sent 3675916 bytes, received
>> bytes.
>> I am pretty sure that this issue is related to Shorewall oneway or
>> because if I try the exact same download on my Shorewallmachine, all
>> well. The problem only occurs when downloading from a NATedmachine.
>You received a PADT packet, stands for "PPPoE Active Discovery
>Your ISP intentionally disconnected you.
>Does your DSL provider have policies disallowing NAT? I'm not sure how
>could detect whether or not you are running NAT but they might just be
>an "educated" guess.

That would be surprising, considering that I have no problem using
Linksys or D-Link routers (BEFSR41 & DI-614+ respectively). Unless
Shorewall implements NAT differently, thus allowing my ISP to detect I
have a NAT set up…?

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