[Shorewall-users] Shorewall, rp-pppoe & big transfers

Fraser Campbell fraser at wehave.net
Thu Dec 11 22:17:00 PST 2003

On December 11, 2003 09:46 pm, Dominique Archambault wrote:

> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppoe[11017]: Session 437 terminated -- received PADT
> from peer
> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppoe[11017]: Sent PADT
> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppd[10919]: Modem hangup
> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppd[10919]: Connection terminated.
> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppd[10919]: Connect time 15.0 minutes.
> Dec 11 21:32:05helios pppd[10919]: Sent 3675916 bytes, received 124650419
> bytes.
> I am pretty sure that this issue is related to Shorewall oneway or another, 
> because if I try the exact same download on my Shorewallmachine, all goes
> well. The problem only occurs when downloading from a NATedmachine.

You received a PADT packet, stands for "PPPoE Active Discovery Terminate".  
Your ISP intentionally disconnected you.

Does your DSL provider have policies disallowing NAT? I'm not sure how they 
could detect whether or not you are running NAT but they might just be making 
an "educated" guess.

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