[Shorewall-users] Cople of questions regarding VPN/IPSec

Alan Murrell silkbc at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 10 20:17:48 PST 2003


> > Essentially, they do not want VPN/ipsec traffic
> > destined for Victoria to be masqueraded, which
> > apparently it currently is.
> Are they currently running Shorewall is this just a
> theoretical question?

Well, the VPN is currently setup and running
(Freeswan/ipsec).  However, previously, when Shorewall
was brought up, the VPN connection was lost.  This was
likely a mis-configuration on my part, which I think I
may have sorted out (if not, I'll post under a
seperate thread)

Well, the Customer's side (Victoria) is not running
Shorewall; they are just running a regular IPTables

The colocation side (Vancouver) is not currently
running Shorewall, due to the aforementioned problems,
but we would like it to be.

However, as I mentioned, the VPN is definately
working.  The Customer just doesn't want ipsec traffic
to their side of the VPN to be masqueraded.  I suppose
since Shorewall currently isn't running, I could in
the meantime just run that one IPTables rule, and it
should work, but I was hoping to get it converted to
Shorewall format.


Alan Murrell <silkbc at yahoo.com>

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