[Shorewall-users] Not really 100% Shorewall but sanity check needed

phil phil at thefoxtons.org.uk
Tue Dec 9 10:14:28 PST 2003

Tom, et al

I have been asked wether it is possible to use iptables to forward a packet to
two destination addresses.  The packets are SNMP packets so ACK is not needed
(IIRC) If I am wrong, then I could always block the packets returning from box
C so only ACK comes from box B, see below.  This is only for a testing system
(we need to see if the packets are coming from the customer in the right order
or if our software is messing things up!)

BOX A (SNMP sender) ------------|Firewall|------->Box B (running NetCool Omnibus)
                                          \_______>Box C (Temp box for check
order of packets)

Thanks in advance (even though this may sound like the rantings of a madman!)



Phil Foxton RHCE

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