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Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Thu Dec 4 08:06:58 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 06:23, Graeme Boyle wrote:
> I have to agree with Alex, fragmenting the mailing list is not going to make
> people RTFM! I also do not think that putting the FAQ on a Wiki site is
> going to be of any benefit.

I'm convinced that absolutely nothing is going to make some people RTFM.
I'm also convinced that the safest place to store state secrets is to
publish them on a technical web site under the title "Before you ask for
help on the support mailing list..." and simply place an email link to
the mailing list below the secret text. No one will ever read the
material above that link.

As far as the Wiki thing goes, the opinion has been expressed that one
reason that people don't contribute to the Shorewall documentation is
that it is stored in CVS and that CVS is so intimidating that only brain
surgeons and one woman from Baltimore are willing to try to cope with
it. Converting the FAQ to wiki format is supposed to make it easier for
those who are CVS squeamish to contribute. We'll see...

> As I understand it, the "original" problem is that Tom needs help fielding
> newbie questions that are already answered somewhere in the documentation.
> As we have seen, there is are a number of people willing to assist with
> Shorewall support. These volunteers should attempt to answer the newbie
> questions and only request Tom's assistance when they are stumped. I think
> that will solve most of Tom's frustration.

By having a separate list (which I won't subscribe to) for newbie
questions, I don't have to read them and feel like I should respond. And
my blood pressure will be lower...

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