[Shorewall-users] shorewall-newbies

Graeme Boyle g.boyle3 at verizon.net
Thu Dec 4 09:23:29 PST 2003

I have to agree with Alex, fragmenting the mailing list is not going to make
people RTFM! I also do not think that putting the FAQ on a Wiki site is
going to be of any benefit. 

As I understand it, the "original" problem is that Tom needs help fielding
newbie questions that are already answered somewhere in the documentation.
As we have seen, there is are a number of people willing to assist with
Shorewall support. These volunteers should attempt to answer the newbie
questions and only request Tom's assistance when they are stumped. I think
that will solve most of Tom's frustration.


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> Hello,
> I think shorewall-newbies is useless.
> The reason for a mailing list is that one may follow/use it 
> at their discretion.
> Some benefits of a core list include:
> It is usually archived and searchable.
> It demonstrates trends in behavior that are usefull.
> It provides direction for development and documentation.
> One may follow a list for a number of reasons:
> You are moderating.
> You are learning.
> You are staying fresh.
> You are developing.
> You are seeking solutions or help.
> By splitting list traffic into multiple lists, most of the 
> above benefits are
> rendered less powerful, and unless necessary, provides 
> additional confusion.
> Of course one can follow many lists, but again most benefits 
> are reduced.
> Unless the traffic of a core list is immense, there is no reason for
> fragmentation.
> The amount of traffic on this list fluctuates, but I think it 
> has never become
> unmanageable.
> So, as long as the shorewall support team adds their two bits, I see
> shorewall-newbies as a complication.
> Go shorewall support team..!..
> (just my two bits)
> Alex Martin
> http://www.rettc.com
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