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Steve Postma spostma at travizon.com
Thu Dec 4 08:51:01 PST 2003

Good post Alex, I agree that all the talk of Wiki and FAQ's are getting off
topic from what the main problem is... Tom dealing with questions already
answered in the faq. The documentation there is already very good. I also
think that shorewall-newbies is probably not the best way to go. The idea of
shorewall-developers (Tom and those that want to be included) and
Shorewall-Users (NOT Tom and Power Users) sounds interesting. Mabey have a
list of power users that can refer to Tom for sticky questions. Tom should
divorce himself completely from the day to day support.

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I am now confused. I got excited because I have wanted to see how a wiki
and because I had set one up in the past, and because I try to give what I
to support shorewall.

But, remind me why we would want to make a wiki faq?

Also, Tom (are you out there?), does your faq live in any version aside from
html? Like docbook or something that can be exported easily? Does it live in

Wait, I poked around the source from the website and I think the answer is

I think that there may be better ways to distribute shorewall support tasks
people aside from Tom.

Tom pointed out that his documentation depends on his FAQ. Like all of the
various links are dependant on his http://www.shorewall.net/FAQ.htm.

And in terms of documentation, Tom is doing an extremely excellent job.
the best documentation for an open source project I have seen.

I think the main way to offload Tom is to moderate the mailing lists, and
discuss documentation additions/clarifications somewhere, maybe
if this is a reasonable place.

Tom's documentation system has worked fine and will work fine. The main
that spawned all of this list noise seems to be based on
unfamiliarity/cognition/laziness as demonstrated in list mails.

Again, if we shorewall supporters simply moderate and direct list postings,
that Tom need not be dissappointed when people do not understand/search/read
through his excellent documentation, I think that we can once again achieve
low rumble of silence and harmony on the lists, and hopefully in Tom's mind.

Maybe I am way off here...?....

Alex Martin

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