[Shorewall-users] FAQs (VCS vs Wiki)

Alex Martin shorewall at rettc.com
Wed Dec 3 16:14:19 PST 2003

Thanks Mike,

> > http://wiki.rettc.com
> >
> > Let's give the wiki a try. If I see anyone attempt to populate this wiki
> > shorewall FAQ info, I will put time into this.
> >
> > Or maybe a few people can volunteer to help populate this wiki.


> Please let me know how you plan to categorize things, and point me in
> the right direction. Thanks.

I have laid out my quick ideas on the site itself, I think that the Beta* layout
will be fine, I think it will get around most problems. Please post work here:

> My thought was the wiki would be a replacement for the FAQs, but there
> is a Wiki to DocBook filter available.
>     http://www.tldp.org/wt2db/

This is slick. Based on a wiki core, we could then have xml, html, docbook, blah
blah formats. We will see how this goes, and build as needed.

About the other wikis you mentioned, I haven't looked into them. My main
criteria was having a php core, and phpwiki seemed reasonable. I could run a
different one though. I just had it set up a while ago.

    PhpWiki (the one you installed)

    MediaWiki (used by wikipedia.org)

    MoinMoin (used by docbook.org)

Anyone comment on benefits/drawbacks of these different engines?

Alex Martin

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