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Jørn Eriksen jorn at jorneriksen.com
Wed Dec 3 23:24:45 PST 2003

I gave it a test.  Both pasting "raw" (text) & HTML from Tom's faq.  As loong as it's reasonably basic layout this will work however I would think we would need tables. Would that be possible to add?


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First, anyone think this is a bad idea? Good idea?

I have a few places to host this permanently if it is useable.

I have had a wiki setup, because it seemed a neat idea, and I have seen some
successful wiki projects.

In the five minutes I have attempted to create (or mirror) the shorewall faq, I
see that this is not quite as easy as it looks.

Hey, in five minutes I learned a lot, and with a few more minutes of cutting and
pasting, it could look like a faq.

But, to make this manageable, we need some brainstorming on how to viably use
wiki for a faq.

So, play with this, and post brainstorming ideas here:

We just need to have an attack plan before people go creating pages willy nilly.

Here is the wiki:

Alex Martin

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