[Shorewall-users] FAQs (VCS vs Wiki)

Alex Martin shorewall at rettc.com
Wed Dec 3 14:06:32 PST 2003


I have a wiki setup, I am happy to host one, I would like to give it a shot.


Let's give the wiki a try. If I see anyone attempt to populate this wiki with
shorewall FAQ info, I will put time into this.

Or maybe a few people can volunteer to help populate this wiki.

I can't see a reason that this is a bad idea other than the fact of syncing with
the real one, but I am sure this could be done programatically at some point.

Comments? Bad idea? Good idea?

Alex Martin

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> Everyone,
> I just did a search of this mailing list, and found no discussion of
> migrating the FAQs to a Wiki.
> I think moving the FAQs to a Wiki will lower the bar to community
> maintenance of this content.
> Comments?
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