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Wed Dec 3 21:11:51 PST 2003


yes - I saw that.  I'm sorry for not explaning myself better.  I was just thinking that we could "link" the mail archive to the FAQ in one way or the other.  Thus when one search for something one get "both" answers (i.e from both the list archive & the faq).  My experience with mail archives is that it take "forever" to look trough and if we could make it better/faster in one way or another, people would spend time there instead of posting in the malinglist itself...  

I spend countless hours in malinglist archives everyday (talking general terms here - not Shorewall spesific) and it alsways strike me, at the end of a day seaching,  how small steps mail archive search "engines" have taken compared to other stuff.  Everyone uses them however they tend to be a bit down on the list...

Just let me know if I'm trying to much here...


On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 12:28, jorn at jorneriksen.com wrote:
> Mike (Lander),
> Maybe you could hosts the mailing arhcive for Tom  - it seams to be rather huge....
> If we could make that seachable 

It *IS* searchable.

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