[Shorewall-users] Re: Shorewall For Dummies

MIkE psyke at ull.at
Wed Dec 3 18:57:58 PST 2003

> b) We have another person who can't get Squid running as a
> transparent proxy in his local zone and who has "discovered" that
> there's a way to do it without policy routing. The archives are full
> of people whining that the miracle that he has discovered makes all
> requests to the proxy look like they came from the firewall. Those
> prior posters were able to make it work without resorting to running
> iptables directly (FAQ 2 contains most of what's needed).

ok, first of all, i am sorry for spaming you with known stuff !
i was just so euphoric getting it work !
(searching the doc and the web, i have forgotten to look in the
faq, which now gave me the missing peace to avoid the last

so if i got this conversation wright, you don't have the time to
answer dump newbie questions,
i think, if you ask on the list: if someone got the time to moderate
a newbie-mailinglist; there will be someone !!
or maybe a wicki-page, or this phpbb2-thing but also managed by
someone else !

a woman can fake an orgasm,
but it takes a man
to fake an entire relationship


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