[Shorewall-users] Zone Scalability

Reginald Richardson rrich at rrich.mine.nu
Wed Dec 3 18:13:17 PST 2003

Personally i think u are making your single point of failure very large,

if that one FIREWALL/ROUTER drops, then that is 8 subnets down
think about that first then, start planning the best approach

> I'm happily running two four zone/four nic shorewall firewall 
> configuratoins. Great software, works as expected everytime! We are 
> conteplating a larger and more complex firewall configuration that may 
> include as many as twelve zones with trying to cram as many as 8+ 
> interfaces into a single machine. Are there any draw backs to this 
> amount of zones and interfaces into a single shorewall configuration?
> Thanks!
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