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Reginald Richardson rrich at rrich.mine.nu
Wed Dec 3 18:09:53 PST 2003

As i read these post, i'm starting to see a mirror of it pro's being just like the casual computer user, when he can't get a problem solve

simple example..

He's using ms word, needs to get a word underland, but for some reason, his tool bar with the UNDERLINE Icon was missing, he has two choices, 

1-take 10 minutes to figure it out.
2-pick up the phone, or send and e-mail to the helpdesk.

that's what i'm seeing here, it's so easy to post a message to the board, then to go a read all the threads, or look at the FAQS.

Well, from my experince, the shorewall faqs, are GOOD don't know where the hell tom gets all that time, to monitor all these lists, SHOREWALL this, SHOREWALL that, LEAF, and probably others,

Yes, the biggest problem will be getting peeps to read the FaQs, and the threads, man i read the mailing list every day, to see what's new.

Well, not that Tom, is gone...
i think the list will still survive, peeps won't leave,
lots of very experience shorewall users are here to help out.

Let's keep the faith, cause i can't live without this list, i have lots of systems, running shorwall, and support is needed....

so, keep the spirit high

> Hello,
> There was a attempt at a bulletin board Shorewall support site ..
> It went down in failure ..
> And rather than simplify your life ..
> People only get more choice to post off topic subjects ..
> I wish there was a way to make sure people read documentation first ..
> That's the issue more than anything .. Re posting something that has been 
> answered a hundred times
> Francesca
> At 11:28 AM 12/3/2003, you wrote:
> >I know you said in the past that the phpbb2
> >thing did'nt work cause of ppl posting configs and such, however there are
> >many options about allowing what ppl post, and lenth of posts, etc.
> "No Problems Only Solutions"
> Francesca C. Smith
> Lady Linux Internet Services
> fsmith at ladylinux.com
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