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Troy Arnold troy at troyandtina.com
Wed Dec 3 10:27:15 PST 2003

If you are looking for community support I do think that there are many
people that would like to help.  I really don't understand why you can't
have a webpage for all of this.  I know you said in the past that the phpbb2
thing did'nt work cause of ppl posting configs and such, however there are
many options about allowing what ppl post, and lenth of posts, etc.  This
way you can have 2-3 forum mods that handle the look, in this FAQ , for that
answer 1st.

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On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Reginald Richardson wrote:

> With all due respect to you Tom,
> I don't know how to understand your message, when you say happy
> supporting folks...etc...etc. but please correct my thaughts if i'm
> wrong. for me, i seeing this, as you got upset because of statements
> made, and you said to hell with it (pls correct me if i'm wrong)

It means that Shorewall is at a point where the project either has to grow 
or it will die because it has reached the maximum size where one person 
can do everything and still maintain his/her sanity. Community-based 
support is one of the ways that will allow the project to grow.
> It's hard to see u varnished off this list, your expertize is still needed
on the list,

Let's see how it goes.

> Someone posted a brilliant idea, i think it was Franchisca, where u can
> remain on this list, but create a list for newbies where all the newbies
> would be posting and u remain on this list.

I'll do that if I think it's necessary. I'm not particularly internested 
in having another mailing list to administer.
> I'm not a developer, and don't thihk i should be in that list, i'm also
> not a newbie to shorewall, but still not a pro, so i do monitor this
> list every day, to learn from others, lots of my issues i solved, was
> base on other questions with out even posting a note.

It is VERY rare that a truly new question is posted on the list. Take this 
morning's crop:

a) We have a guy reporting that modules won't load on Mandrake. I posted a 
message to that effect last week and there's a large essay on the topic at 
the top of http://www.shorewall.net/FTP.html.

b) We have another person who can't get Squid running as a transparent
proxy in his local zone and who has "discovered" that there's a way to do
it without policy routing. The archives are full of people whining that
the miracle that he has discovered makes all requests to the proxy look
like they came from the firewall. Those prior posters were able to make it
work without resorting to running iptables directly (FAQ 2 contains most
of what's needed).

c) We have a guy who is trying to make RealPlayer work but who hasn't yet 
discovered that RealPlayer can be configured to use specific UDP ports. 
While I think that's probably a new problem, if it takes my involvement to 
solve it then the project is already doomed.
> and tom, no offence meant, \

None taken.

Tom Eastep    \ Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool
Shoreline,     \ http://shorewall.net
Washington USA  \ teastep at shorewall.net

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