[Shorewall-users] blocking MAC

viuwier viuwier at wp.pl
Wed Dec 3 17:07:29 PST 2003


I have made rules on my gateway in maclist and each MAC has one IP addres.
Now nobody from my network can connect to internet if there is no rule in
maclist. And it is good for my network (not very fast network). Each can
have only one computer in my network. But people are clever and made
gatways in they houses (they have bought second ethernet card to computer)
and now share internet with other computer/computers in they houses. I want
to block it. It is possible ?
My arp table on my gateway doesn't show me them second MAC and IP but i have
program in windows 'TcpNetView' and it shows me on one host two MAC's and two

host:         IP                           MAC
Angela,   00:08:JE:SA:84:DS,00:08:J7:SA:84:DF

When I want to ping second adress on my gateway i don't wave reply.
I have rule in maclist only for and 00:08:JE:SA:84:DS but
second IP now have also internet.
It is possible to block other copmuter ?

Best Wishes

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