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Reginald Richardson rrich at rrich.mine.nu
Wed Dec 3 07:50:00 PST 2003

With all due respect to you Tom,

I have been on this list for the last 2.5 years, and i have seen you giving support thru tough times, rough times, my memomory is still good, i can recall those though times...

When your mom or a relative was sick, and u had to leave for a while
When u were stress out, and needed rest, u said you'll be gone for a while, and but before we knew it you were back..

I don't know how to understand your message, when you say happy supporting folks...etc...etc.
but please correct my thaughts if i'm wrong.
for me, i seeing this, as you got upset because of statements made, and you said to hell with it (pls correct me if i'm wrong)

It's hard to see u varnished off this list, your expertize is still needed on the list,

Someone posted a brilliant idea, i think it was Franchisca, where u can remain on this list, but create a list for newbies where all the newbies would be posting and u remain on this list.

I'm not a developer, and don't thihk i should be in that list, i'm also not a newbie to shorewall, but still not a pro, so i do monitor this list every day, to learn from others, lots of my issues i solved, was base on other questions with out even posting a note.

Sometimes i do understand that the newbies questions can be a little agreevating, hell yes, i was a user of Smootwall Firewal before using shorewall, reason i left that list and the application, was because the founder/moderator, had no flipping manners, use to insult use obscene languages at anyone that posted the most stupid question, and that i can't tolerate, i'm in the pc field for a small little 15 years, and of that i'm in the linux world for 3 years, and still learning, my expertise from microsoft, is on very high level, but i do see those newbies to pc's come asking me wako questions, which kills the hell out of me, but i stil must accept that it's not them fault..

One thing i respected of you, is that u give you apologies when u go on the wrong side..

Your support is prompt, there is hardly a question that goes un-answered...

When u were gone, about a year or so a-back, the folks here did great job at holding the fort, but i think you are still needed here.

So far i think franchisca's idea about that newbie list is great, create that, let the others experiment their skills there, hell, i might be even glad to copy/paste some answers over, even though i might not know much about shorewall, but atleast check the faq's for those that are scared, and copy/paste for them

but it's hard to see a good man leave permanantly..

so think about it.....

and tom, no offence meant, \

regards reggie

> Hello,
> Hardly .. I put my money where my mouth is ..
> Tom is a busy person .. And we need to support this project more ..
> I am excited .. Because through teaching comes knowledge .. and Tom is my 
> Zen Master ..
> Francesca
> At 09:08 PM 12/2/2003, you wrote:
> >Oh no, you've scared Tom away!
> >Well heck, i'll put in my two bits...
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