[Shorewall-users] LEAF Support

Alex Martin shorewall at rettc.com
Tue Dec 2 22:14:22 PST 2003


I have subscribed to leaf-user at lists.sourceforge.net.
Using this url: http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/leaf-user

Hopefully some other shorewall people can back me up there.


Alex Martin

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> Once of the current principles of Shorewall support is that LEAF/Bering
> users should post on the LEAF users list which I have been monitoring. I
> have just unsubscribed myself from that list so the new Shorewall support
> team should arrange for the LEAF list to be monitored for Shorewall
> problems.
> The reason the LEAF users are directed to a separate list is thea LEAF is
> a very limited embedded environment where the usual Linux utilities are
> either not present or are present only in emasculated form. The folks on
> the LEAF list can often spot problems that are due to this primative
> environment and not directly related to Shorewall.
> -Tom
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