[Shorewall-users] RE: Forums - Was: New Actions

John S. Andersen jsa at norcomix.dyndns.org
Tue Dec 2 12:02:42 PST 2003

On 2 Dec 2003 at 12:44, Tom Eastep wrote:

> > If I could suggest a way to make "life better" for all users (you
> > included), it would be to stop using the mailing list, and go to a
> > phpBB type web based forum. I personally enjoy that interface, 
> > find it easy to search for needed answers. 
> Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, it sucked :-(
> Web interfaces are unsuitable for supporting a product like 
> Once you've seen the output of "shorewall status" posted to a 
> you'll understand why.

It must be a generational thing.  I've notices that younger
folks (I have no idea how old Kyle Gasho is) seem to like 
forums better.  I don't.

Personally, I'm with Tom.  The list arrives in
my mailbox and I can scan the subjects for things I need
to know.

Each message has the links at the bottom to the mailman page
from which I can get to the archives to search. (And google has
it all too).  Email is faster than forums.  

I just hate clicking on each message one by one and waiting
for a server response form some slow Forum server somewhere.
If I was on dial-up I would never put up with it.  

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