[Shorewall-users] Re: PPP <--> RH9 <--> LinkSys <--> Home Network

Kenneth Jacker khj at be.cs.appstate.edu
Mon Dec 1 22:45:14 PST 2003

  te> I think you will find it easier to just ignore the WAN interface
  te> on the WRT54G and use one of it's LAN ports to connect to the
  te> RH9 box. You will then be using it as a switch/WAP rather than
  te> as a router/gateway.

I thought of that, but am concerned about this statement:

   "Does NOT work as a bridge! Will only talk to a client."

in a comparison table at:


Of course, a switch != bridge ... not really sure how to understand
the comment about "Will only talk to a client" ...

Has anyone used the WRT54G only as a switch/WAP?  I'd be very happy if
that'll work ...

Thanks for your comments!


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