[Shorewall-users] [Fwd:] http and smtp connections time out]

Joshua Banks l0f33t at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 27 07:59:50 PDT 2003

--- Djebran Lezzoum <dl at log.com.ua> wrote:
> Thanks your sujestion unfortunately does not help too
> have reduce the MTU until all sites loads very slow from MTU 1500 to MTU 
> 200
> nothing changed to the sites that do not loaded earliers.


What kind of connection do you connect to your ISP with? ADSL, DSL, PPOE or PPPdial-up?

I thought that you couldn't get to the internet when the MTU was set to 1500? Of-course sites are
going to load slow when your mtu is set to 200. Assuming that you can't get out to the internet
when the MTU is set to 1500 you should try 1492 next. An MTU of 1492 is usually needed if you have
a PPPOE connection to the ISP.

Without Shorewall installed are you able to get out to the internet without any problems?

Meaning if you were to take One machine and and only one machine and hook up to the internet
without shorewall installed on that machine would you have the same problems? If you were to take
that same PC and only that one PC and install Shorewall do you still have the same problems?

Your shorewall logs will show us possibly whats happening. If I were in your shoes I would install
tcp dump and or ethereal to see whats happening for sure though. This will be your best friend in
this situation and will help isolate the problem in a more timely manner.

Joshua Banks

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