[Shorewall-users] ssh to local servers

Matthew Simpson msimpson at market-research.com
Mon Aug 18 11:59:06 PDT 2003

Hi Joshua,

I'm trying to initiate a ssh connection from the redhat 9 box that 
has the DSL and shorewall on it to another internal redhat box which 
is running sshd, from the loc lan i have no problems, but from inside 
the gw machine i get connection refused.  I have followed the 
two-interface setup and still no go. Here are the config files 
requested. Any help would be great.

net     Net             Internet
loc     Local           Local Networks

ppp0      eth0


loc             net             ACCEPT
# If you want open access to the Internet from your Firewall
# remove the comment from the following line.
#fw             net             ACCEPT
net             all             DROP            info
all             all             REJECT          info

ACCEPT          loc             fw              tcp     22
ACCEPT         net              fw              tcp     22
ACCEPT          fw          net              tcp     22

net     ppp0            -               dhcp,routefilter,norfc1918
loc     eth0            detect


>Are you trying to initiate the connection from out on the internet 
>via ssh to a server running
>behind  Shorewall?
>Can the local pc's running ssh daemons get out to the internet via ssh or www?
>Did you make any changes to the default shorewall config files that 
>Tom provides. If so then what
>To help in a more timely manner can you please cut and paste a copy 
>of your shorewall files.
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