[Shorewall-users] Help with interpreting log - New Question

Joshua Banks l0f33t at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 03:16:51 PDT 2003

I had the same thing happen when I first got dsl installed. It didn't make any sense until I
started to get into networking somewhat. My connection to the ISP was a bridged connection. Not
routed. When you have a routed connection everything is routed at the modem. Meaning that even
know my dsl modem sat right on my desk the connection really wan't being routed per say at the dsl
modem. The modem was sending signals to the isp that then routed the packets out to the internet.

So in all actuality my modem might as well of been sitting at the ISP. Now depending  on how they
do things with their equipment and personal will show in this respect. If they don't have things
plugged in like they should and access list's configured correctly switches and routers configured
correctly internally then you will indeed see allot of traffic that doesn't make sense. You might
as well just pretend that your plugged into the same hub that all of the other networks are
plugged into if things aren't configured correctly. Most of what you'll see is broadcast
traffic.and actually what kind of equipment/technology that they are using (ATM,Frame Relay,Packet
Switching, dsl versus cable will have some bearning as well.  

Cable technology is shared. Everyone taps into the same trunk on the way to the isp. DSL is a
dedicated connection/circut to the ISP. We used to actualy have the ability to browse other
peoples shares. The isp didn't know what they hell they were doing. This was durning the .com
boom. Little long winded. But hopefully I'm not as tired as I think I am, and this made some
sense. :)


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