[Shorewall-users] can't establish vtun tunnel

joel fernandez bascos at free.fr
Sun Aug 3 21:55:11 PDT 2003

Hi all,

sorry if you receive twice this mail but the first one seems to be in 
the cosmos. ;-)

And thank for what you did (shorewall) and what you do (helping by this 
mailing list).

I would like to create a tunnel based on vtun (protocol udp port 5000).
To do so, i followed your "howto" about openvpn under shorewall, which 
seems the same thing as vtun.
BUT, If I create the same config files as you did, I can't establish the 
tunnel. Are there rules missing on your howto ?
With your config, should I normally be able to access the other subnet 
via vtun ?
To have it only establish (no ping available between the 2 subnets), I 
have to change for tcp protocol and add rules like that
ACCEPT    fw    net    5000
ACCEPT    net    fw    5000

where is the problem ?

What I can say is that if I open everything (ACCEPT for INPUT, OUTPUT 
FORWARD and MASQUERADE all but tun+), the connexion is up via vtun, ping 
is ok, and samba too. (with UDP and TCP).

Could you explain me why ?

What have I missed ?



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