[Shorewall-users] problem with accessing services in internal network

Sini Mäkelä sini at zilched.net
Sun Aug 3 21:00:31 PDT 2003

On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 01:21:50AM +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> > I recentely started to use Shorewall. My network configuration is simple,
> > I have a firewall/router machine with two network interfaces and a couple
> > of computers behind it in the local network. All machines in my local
> > network can use services on the internet. My problem is that they can't
> > see services provided by other machines on my internal network. The only
> > machine that can use those services is the firewall machine. Every
> > computer can ping each other though. There's nothing in the log files for
> > dropped/rejected packages, when I for example try to access a web server
> > in my internal network, the connection just kind of "hangs".
> I think you are saying that machines in your loc zone are not able to
> use a web server also located in your loc zone.  In that case the
> firewall should not be involved since their is a direct link between
> machines on the same subnet.
> When trying to use the web server, for example, did you use an IP
> address or hostname?  You may have a DNS issue.

I always use IP addresses in my local network. I can ping the server, as
well as other machines in my local network, it just other type of
connections that always time out. It's not just the web server, but
other type of services as well (VNC, Samba), which are set up in
different machines. 

This configuration worked before I installed Shorewall, so I assumed it
is something to do with it. The machine with Shorewall is after all the
default gateway for all my machines. I am open for any other suggestions
as well.

- Sini

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